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Best Beach Walks on Long Island

Discover the captivating beauty of Long Island's beaches with our curated guide to the best beach walks. From the iconic Jones Beach State Park to the serene shores of Nickerson Beach Park and the scenic vistas of Robert Moses State Park, each destination offers a unique opportunity for leisurely strolls and tranquil moments by the sea.

Explore gems like Sunken Meadow State Park and Cedar Beach, then venture to the East End for the rugged coastline of Orient Beach State Park and the expansive serenity of Cupsogue Beach.

Whether you're seeking family-friendly boardwalks or secluded nature trails, Long Island's beaches beckon with a blend of scenic charm and coastal wonders waiting to be discovered. 🏖️🚶‍♂️

Top Beach Strolls in Nassau County


Jones Beach State Park – Wantagh

Renowned as one of Long Island's most renowned and beloved beaches, Jones Beach State Park offers an ideal setting for a leisurely family beach walk. Boasting over 6 ½ miles of pristine shoreline and a 2-mile long boardwalk, this destination provides ample space for exploration, with bicycles permitted for added enjoyment.


Long Beach – Long Beach

Long Beach boasts a fantastic boardwalk perfect for walking, jogging, pushing strollers, or biking. Multiple beach access points along the boardwalk allow children to easily transition from the wooden path to the sandy shores for some exciting digging adventures.


Nickerson Beach Park – Lido Beach

Despite its modest size (around 0.5 miles long), Nickerson Beach Park offers captivating views along the sands, including protected bird species and lush grasses. This beach is an excellent choice for kids to delve into the wonders of nature.


Town Park at Point Lookout – Point Lookout

Situated in Hempstead, the intimate Town Park at Point Lookout showcases stunning vistas and abundant bird-watching opportunities. The addition of a new boardwalk enhances the beach's charm, inviting visitors to indulge in a relaxed stroll by the shore.


Finest Beach Saunters in Suffolk County


Robert Moses State Park – Babylon

Referred to as Suffolk County's counterpart to Jones Beach, Robert Moses State Park features five fields and nearly 5 miles of picturesque coastline waiting to be explored. Field 5's boardwalk leads to the recently reopened Fire Island Lighthouse, offering a delightful stroll for families amid a scenic wonderland teeming with friendly wildlife.


Sunken Meadow State Park – Kings Park

Nestled along the Long Island Sound, Sunken Meadow State Park is blessed with 3 miles of shoreline and breathtaking North Shore landscapes. Visitors can meander along the boardwalk equipped with benches and observation spots, relishing the exquisite vistas.


Cedar Beach – Mount Sinai

Ideal for families seeking a beach excursion, Cedar Beach offers a fishing pier, a small playground, and a nature walk featuring a paved path winding through wooded areas. A pavilion overlooking the sound adds to the allure of this serene destination.


Crab Meadow Beach – Northport

Despite its compact size, Crab Meadow Beach in Northport, a Town of Huntington gem, exudes the same beauty as larger Long Island beaches. Children are enchanted by the rocky shoreline, while adults appreciate the spectacular sunsets. A short boardwalk and beachside playground further enhance the appeal of this spot.


Prime Beach Promenades on the East End


Hither Hills State Park – Montauk

An expansive and picturesque park perfect for family outings, Hither Hills State Park features a stunning sandy beach and a campground. Don't miss exploring the intriguing "walking dunes" of Napeague Harbor, a self-guided nature trail unveiling the fascinating journey of these shifting dunes propelled by strong winter winds.


Orient Beach State Park – Orient

Nestled on the Eastern tip of Long Island's North Shore, Orient Beach State Park offers an opportunity to stroll along its rugged coastline, allowing kids to engage in a scavenger hunt for remarkable rocks.


Cupsogue Beach – Westhampton Beach

With its sprawling 300 acres of sandy beach, Cupsogue Beach provides ample space for the entire family to relish fresh ocean breezes. The pristine surroundings offer a serene setting for leisurely walks and quality time by the waterside.

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